A downloadable symmetrica for Windows, Linux, and Android

Symmetrica is a game based on symmetry, which requires intense focus and nerves of steel; one wrong movement and you fail!

You have to draw a pattern on the left semi-circle, so it can look exactly like the one on the right, where you click/touch the point you want to join with the previous one (which will be the top one on the mid-line if you're placing the first dot). You only have as many lines as there are on the right side, so choose wisely!

In case of finding any bugs/problems, please contact me on :

my email

, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The assets used were:

- Easy 2d lines, from the unity asset store : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/easy-2d-lines-80393


symmetrica_1.2.apk 22 MB
symmetrica_linux(32 & 64 bit)_compressed.zip 32 MB
symmetrica_win_32bit_compressed.zip 12 MB
symmetrica_win_64bit_compressed.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

For windows and linux : the folder containing the game for windows and linux is compressed, so you have to unzip it and then open the folder to run the .exe/.86/.86_64

For windows: Please know whether your device is 64-bit or 32-bit before installing the windows version

For linux : the linux version contains the .86 executable for 32 bit devices, and .86_64 for 64 bit machines, you might also change its properties to allow it to run as an executable

For android: just locate the file in your file manager, or just click the notification that says that your game is your game is installed, then follow the steps which the phone tells you to install it.

Development log

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